An Area Worth Visiting This section of the Sicilian coast, between Milazzo and Santo Stefano di Camastra, facing the Aeolian Islands, offers beautiful scenery and sites of archaeological interest. A superb Roman villa, rebuilt in the 4th century AD on a previous foundation, was discovered in Patti, in the heart of our area, in 1973. In fact, its polychrome mosaic floor (of the same type as the Roman villa of Piazza Armerina) seems to date from the 1st to 2nd century AD. In Tindari (ancient Tyndaris), the Sanctuary of the Black Virgin dominates the hill overlooking the Gulf of Patti and landscape of the Marinello lakes. In addition, Tindari has a monumental Greek theatre (3rd or 2nd century BC). Be sure to visit: in Patti Marina, a seaside resort famous for its ceramics, the Museum of Ancient Patti Ceramics; and, in the industrial area, the historic ceramics company Caleca.